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Free tool for testing, tuning and optimizing queries for multiple concurrent connections

  • Record workloads in realtime and get performance statistics from executing the workload with an unlimited number of connections.
  • Get performance statistics for each individual statement as well as overall statistics for the whole batch.
  • Made for automation and automatic report creation. Perfect for nightly performance tests or creation of baselines.
  • Import workloads from SQL Server Profiler or Extended Events Trace Files. Can be used to reproduce production workloads in a test environment.
  • SQL Server Performance Counters support.
  • Create customizable reports in XML or HTML with support for XSLT and C#.

Compatible with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 - 2016.

Tutorial: Getting Started

Tutorial: Deadlock Reproduction

Tutorial: Connect to a remote SQL Server


The Task Collection Editor

The SQL Task Editor

Realtime Task Recording

The Stylesheet Editor

Example Stylesheet (included) showing output from an IO test

Example Stylesheet (included) showing statistics in a bar graph

Performance Counter values on the result page

Showing performance statistics for an individual Task

Everything can be run unattended and in a service context for automated performance tests

Valuable tool to reproduce and test for deadlocks

Dynamic Parameter Substitution. Values from events can automatically be replaced by dynamic parameters, making it possible to execute the same statements again and again

Additional information is available here:

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