Getting Started

This tutorial will guide you through the basics of creating your first Task.

We will create a Task Collection containing one Task. The Task will query the sys.tables table with 100 concurrent connections.

Start Performance Test Tool and open the Task Collection Editor:

In The Task Collection Editor, click the "Create" button in the upper right corner:

In the Task Editor, give the Task a name and make a query to return all tables from sys.tables. Click "Ok" when done:

The Task will now be shown in the Task Collection Editor. Change the number of concurrent connections to 100. Click "Ok" when done:

The Task Collection needs to be saved before it can be run. From the File menu choose Save Collection As...:

The Task Collection is now saved and ready to be run with 100 concurrent connections. Click "Ok":

Start the test by clicking "Start":

The 100 concurrent connections will start instantly. The bottom progress bar will report how many of the connections that are finished:

When all connections are finished executing the Task, the Results page will show.

The "Summary" tab will show a summary of all Tasks in the Task Collection, and each Task will have an additional tab with individual results for the given Task.

The upper part of the Results page will show statistics for all 100 executions, while the lower part will show statistics for each individual connection. Here you can see the exact performance statistics for each individual connection for all Tasks in the Task Collection on the "Summary" tab:

... and the exact performance statistics for each individual connection for each individual Tasks in the Task Collection on the additional tabs. In this tutorial, there are only one Task, so the "Summary" tab and the "My First Task" tab will contain identical performance statistics:

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